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Woodturning Tuition in Suffolk

One day of 1-1 Wood turning tuition, available 7 days a week. Primarily devoted to practical experience with the aim for the student to complete a number of turned products. Along the way, covering safety, characteristics of different timbers and choice of tools, machines and sources of supply.


Albert Lain; experienced and qualified teacher keen to impart his enthusiasm and skills.

Courses Available

  1. Introduction
    A days introduction. Learning how to safely apply the tools to rotating timber. Included will be working between centres, use of Roughing Gouge, Spindle Gouge, and parting tool. After lunch, the use of self-centring chucks, boring on lathes and Jam fitting. Suitable for someone considering the hobby, just starting to turn, or just interested and looking for an absorbing day.
  2. Intermediate
    A logical progression from course A but focused on Headstock work and increasing the diameter of the material to be turned. Use of screw chuck to turn a shallow bowl, and then a deeper small bowl with either a turned top edge or natural edge. Method of removing all indication of how it was secured to the lathe.
  3. Experienced
    In development at present, but either increasing diameter and/or depth of product, or experience in successfully turning freshly cut timber. Awareness of other methods such as split turning, duplicate turning, coopered work, long hole boring, lattice work, off centre turning. Just where do we stop? This can easily get out of hand...

The Workshop

A heated wood turning workshop with many lathes and good dust extraction. Always some interesting other work in progress. Attached to our home and looking out to the garden and across fields.

The Cost

Courses A and B: £175 9am-4pm, all materials and tools included
Course C: £225 9am-4pm, all materials and tools included


Discussion before the day about experience so far and what you would like to achieve. Guidance on what to wear. Invitation to bring any existing tools and safety equipment to wear.

What Next?

Phone or email to discuss how I can help, and if you wish, to determine a mutually convenient date.

I will need your postal address to enable me to send a pre-course preparation document and to include a brief questionnaire about your experience, if any, so far.
If you would like to make a days tuition as a gift to a friend or partner, request a copy of our Gift Voucher. Warn me if you wish it to be conveyed confidentially for a birthday or Christmas surprise.

If you have been on one or more of these day courses, I would appreciate any comments you may have to help me improve and refine how and what I do. Please use the comments page on my site or let me know by phone, email, or letter.


  • Kath Lord

    Kath Lord - 15th July 2022

    As a total novice I was absolutely delighted to go home at the end of my day’s tuition with Albert , with a beautiful bowl and a finely turned handle for a pizza cutter ( cutter supplied by Albert). The day gave me a wonderful introduction to woodturning , helped by Albert’s expert tuition and endless patience. Safety was always paramount and the method of Albert demonstrating a technique on his lathe, then me executing the procedure on mine , meant a quick progression from one step to the next. Pleasant coffee and lunch breaks in the garden added to the overall pleasure of the day. I can heartily recommend a day with Albert , either as a novice or a more experienced worker.

  • Jonathan Hudson

    Jonathan Hudson - 27th June 2022

    I got Albert to turn some table legs for me for a new kitchen table I am making, and was delighted with the results. I'd drawn a template of the shape I wanted and he followed it exactly, and the finish was beautifull, bringing out the grain of the wood.
    I really enjoyed talikng to him in his workshop and learning from his vast experince, and hearing about the high profile jobs he's done.
    All round a great experince.
    Jonathan Hudson

  • Paul Moktar

    Paul Moktar - 30th March 2022

    Spent the day with Albert yesterday and had a wonderful productive day. Albert helped me with my kit, showed me around his vast workshop; it's well organised, I got the grand tour and health and safety are taken very seriously.
    We started by turning between centres and Albert's guidance, clear directions allowed me to produce my first piece; from selecting the blank to work with, to the finishing tasks of producing a beautiful and useful utensil. Albert would demonstrate, I would try on my piece while he observed and guided me, then repeat, step after step.
    I learnt a lot about using a lathe, the right lathe speed and lathe accessories; the right tool for the right job; the practicalities of using a jig for sharpening tools and sharpening methods, how to store wood, the list is long...
    I've read a lot about turning but doing the work whilst Albert keeps an eye on your work and gives you appropriate guidance worked for me and when he knew I'd understood his directions, he let me continue on my own... until we moved on to the next step.
    I was very surprised to have turned such beautiful objects, and I only realised that when I got home and checked them out more closely!
    I can't wait to put into practice what I've learnt and then book my next session with Albert.
    It was great to meet both Albert and Sheila yesterday.
    I had a great day!
    Thanks Albert.

  • Stephen Cooper

    Stephen Cooper - 13th February 2022

    I had the pleasure of a day in the company of Albert and his wife, this alone was greatly appreciated having sight of his proffessional achievements.
    I arrived early Thursday 10th February and was immediately greeted by Albert and we enjoyed a tea and discussion easing into my introduction to wood turning.
    Albert's patience and calm approach to tuition enabled me to grow in confidence throughout the day, the pizza cutter and bowl were appreciated on my return home.
    Looking forward to having a catch up and coffee furthering my skills after I have developed my experience from the skills gained from my introduction.
    Well done Albert
    All best Stephen

  • Philip Price

    Philip Price - 13th February 2022

    A day in the company of an expert craftsman, being taught on a one-to-one basis, is a privilege few experience. I had that experience with Albert yesterday the 12 February 2022. I explained that I was an enthusiastic amateur whose hobby was turning expensive wood into sawdust. After a day of expert instruction I produced, with Albert’s help and advice, a very attractive ash bowl that my wife has decided needs to one of a set!
    Walking into Albert’s, and his wife Shelia’s workshops, is like walking into Aladdin’s cave, the sort of workshop one can only dream of.
    The day was tailored to my previous experience and what I hoped to achieve and Albert met and exceeded all my expectations. One of the highlights was watching him turn a piece of ash into a very fine bowl before allowing me to try and emulate him but under his expert eye. His advice and demonstration of sharpening tools was something that I really valued and my chisels benefited as much as I did. One of Albert’s questions on his critique form is “ how could it be bettered?” Answer, by letting me stay for two days! Something I intend to do in the future.
    Thank you Albert for giving me one of my best experiences ever,
    Phil Price

  • Roger Atkins

    Roger Atkins - 4th February 2022

    I am a fairly competent diy person but have never carried out wood turning. However, with Albert’s expert tuition, I managed to complete a cheese knife handle and a shallow bowl. I was amazed how quickly I seemed to pick up the techniques which was down to Albert’s expertise and teaching methods. I must say I had a thoroughly enjoyable day and the icing on the cake was Sheila’s baking skills in addition to her wood turning abilities. It has certainly sparked my interest and desire to continue developing my skills in this craft. Thank you both for a lovely day.

  • Rev Chris Ramsey

    Rev Chris Ramsey - 3rd February 2022

    I thought I'd email you to let you know how I'm getting on. I've been turning bowls, gonks, boxes and pens ; and most recently I've been trying multi axis turning and making tea light holders as I practice the technique. I found some very useful videos by Barbara Dill on the subject and have her book on order. I've also nearly finished converting my lathe to electronic speed control using a motor I picked up 2nd hand, pulleys via my dad's firm and a vfd from amazon. Runs beautifully, much quieter and less vibrations. Did it all myself in the end, after speaking with yourself, and the other student you put me in touch with. Thank you again for your tuition, it's been invaluable in giving me the confidence to get stuck in and really enjoy turning. Warm regards, Chris

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